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Welcome to contact us regarding your projects/plans regarding:

  • Delivery planning systems
  • Production planning systems
  • Container-, truck-, railway waggon and pallet load optimization
  • Project delivery planning systems
  • Transfer of transaction files from your ERP-system to Nordea Finland and other banks (for example customer invoices)


Integrator does its projects based on the role division between LP and the surrounding ERP- and other systems, the processes/work tasks to be performed and the support to be given by the LP-system to the executing personnell in the actual departments/companies.

Integrator delivers projects in four phases. In the projects focus is held on benefits for the customer (customer service, transport- and personnell costs, transparency) and that the LP-system created is highly efficient and simple/quick/intuitive to use for the users.

Prestudy           Preproject         Development / Implementation         System maintenance

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